Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? intro

Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? Is an American half-hour children's game show loosely based on the computer game of the same name created by Brøderbund Software. Just like its predecessor, The show was produced by WGBH in Boston and WQED in Pittsburgh. The program lasted two seasons on PBS consisting 115 episodes, which ran for, October 7, 1996 to December 12, 1997.

ACME Time Pilots

  • Lynne Thigpen as The Chief
  • Kevin Shinick as ACME Time Pilot Squadron Leader

V.I.L.E. Gang

  • Brenda Burke as Carmen Sandiego
  • Baron Wasteland as James Greenberg / Bug Zapper
  • Jamie Gustis as Dr. Belljar
  • Alaine Kashian as Jacqueline Hyde
  • Paula Leggett Chase as Medeva
  • John Lathan as Sir Vile


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