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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that are frequently asked will be answered here.

Which network?

This wiki covers the TV shows that appear on PBS Kids, which are typically for kids ages 2 to 7. For shows broadcast by Sprout (formerly PBS Kids Sprout), which are for preschoolers, please visit the Sprout Wiki.

If you are looking for information on TV shows and movies that have appeared on the main PBS network, your best source is PBS.org or the Wikipedia page on PBS. There is a PBS Wiki located at http://pbs.wikia.com, but it mainly focuses on the childrens' series. Note that it is called the "Elmo Wiki" even though it covers more than just the character Elmo from Sesame Street.

Unless a show appears on more than one PBS network, pages for shows from another PBS network should not be added here. For example, The Chica Show is exclusive to Sprout and should only appear on the Sprout Wiki. However, Super Why! is broadcast on both PBS Kids and Sprout, and can be included on both wikis.

PBS Kids shows, not kids shows on PBS

As noted above, for a show to be included on this wiki, it needs to have been broadcast on PBS Kids. Do not automatically include children's shows that have been broadcast on other PBS channels like PBS and Sprout/PBS Kids Sprout.

Children's shows that have appeared on more commercial networks like NBC, CBeebies or Qubo should not be added here unless they can be confirmed as also having been broadcast on PBS Kids.

Other public broadcasters

Some of the programs that appear on PBS Kids may be also be shown by independent public broadcasters. It is not necessary to note this, however, as it will be covered by any wiki that happens to be dedicated to that network.

If you are looking for the "Kids On Demand" and "Kids Pre-School On Demand" broadcast by Time Warner Cable as part of their On Demand services (collectively known as "Time Warner Cable Kids" or "TWCK"), you can go to any of the following websites:

Fan fiction

information about fan fiction will be added here, with alternate wikis to visit