Murphy and Nigel is a children's animated television series that debuted on Fox Toons in January 2002. The series revolves around two elephants, who are the title characters, who explore the nature of science.

Murphy is a blue elephant voiced by Bill Newman, and Nigel is a green elephant voiced by Thomas Luiz Gemeron.

Other characters include:

  • Anton, a hyperactive bighorn sheep.
  • Mr. Burnup, a frog who is the main villain and is feared by Murphy.
  • Emma, a small mouse.
  • Stingmot, a turtle.
  • Devon, a black cat belonging to Murphy.
  • Jemaine, a white cockatoo who is pampered.
  • Casey, a deaf coyote who teaches sign language.
  • Mike, a horse belonging to Nigel.
  • Jink, a pirate human who is the secondary villain and wants to capture Murphy.

The series was sponsored by Burger King, RCA and The Salvation Army.