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This is the first episode of Martha Speaks called Martha Speaks:


Truman talks about a Cat Burglar sneaking in people's houses. When Martha eats alphabet soup, the letters lost their way and go to her brain and she develops the ability to talk. After her family complains that she talks too much, she clams up and stops eating her soup. Then a cat burglar breaks into her house while the family is gone, and since Martha wasn't eating alphabet soup, she finds herself speechless. She has alphabet soup, calls 911 and the Cat Burglar was under arrest. Martha begun to talk again at the end of the episode while taking a walk.



  • In Martha and Skits, Skits ran away from home when the family was talking about Martha, the only talking dog. Martha stopped eating soup for a part of the episode so the family can be a bit rude or mean to their dogs.
  • This is one of the episodes to have the ending where Skits were in it before he was introduced.
  • This episode was all about like the book Martha Speaks.