PBS Kids has had several groups of mascots over the years.


The P-Pals are similar to the PBS logo; they were introduced on PBS Kids during its first airing (when it was called PTV) on October 11, 1993 and were dropped on September 5, 1999 after nearly 6 years on PTV, as they were getting outdated, and were replaced with Dot and Dash when it was relaunched as PBS Kids. Dash and Dot let them stay until December 2000, and they were continued being used on some stations until 2002 and on video until 2004.

Pernell - The leader of the P-Pals; Pernell is a cool P-Pal who lives in the city and teaches kids about computers. He was voiced by LeVar Burton.
Pete - The smartest of the P-Pals. He was voiced by Jerry Nelson.
Penny - A P-Pal who likes to garden. She was voiced by Tara Strong.
Petunia - A pretty P-Pal. She was voiced by Tara Strong.
Peggy - A P-Pal who drives a car.
Priscilla - A P-Pal with impressive hair. She was voiced by Tress MacNeille.
Polly - A P-Pal who likes filmmaking. She was voiced by April Winchell.
Paula - A P-Pal who likes to dance.
Pat - A P-Pal who is in a wheelchair.
Paganini - A P-Pal who plays the violin.
Pianomisso - A P-Pal who plays the piano.
Pierre - A P-Pal who likes art.
Paco - A Spanish P-Pal.
Pinky - A P-Pal who wears a crown.
P-Pet - The P-Pals' pet dog. He was voiced by Frank Welker.

Dash and Dot

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Dot ,Dash ,& Friends

Dot & Dash, along with their friends (who were NEVER used as actual mascots)

Dash and Dot are two green kids with black hair and similar clothes with white shoes. They were introduced on September 6, 1999, replacing the P-Pals and were dropped on October 6, 2013 after 14 years on PBS Kids and were replaced with a redesigned and older version of Dot along with two new mascots, Dee and Del. However, some idents, promos, and bumpers still aired until March 2014, most still air today. Prior to there names, they were originally named PBS Kids Boy and PBS Kids Girl before the Miss Lori and Hooper block on Labor Day 2006.


Hooper is the third mascot of PBS Kids, he was introduced on September 6, 2006. He is a brown guinea pig with circular glasses (similar to the ones that Arthur Read wears). Like Dash and Dot, he is a popular mascot, however, during the re-brand, some of his interstitials was still intact.

Dee and Del

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Twins Dee and Del were introduced on October 7, 2013, during the re-brand. They are Dash and Dot's new younger siblings. Their big sister, Dot, now an adolescent, is always taking care of and babysitting them and their big brother, Dash is absent from the bumpers likely since he was getting too old to be an official mascot. However, Dash, still appears in the familiar PBS Kids logo and he did make a surprising return in a Word of the Week promo.

The song Brothers and Sisters which they appear in reinforces that they are siblings.

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