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DragonflyTV is a science education television series produced by Twin Cities Public Television, broadcast on most PBS stations. The total is 72 episodes from seven seasons. It’s aired on PBS on January 19, 2002 to December 20, 2008. Seasons 1–4 were co-hosted by Michael Brandon Battle and Mariko Nakasone. Seasons 5–7 were hosted by Eric Artell and are produced in partnership with science museums. DragonflyTV was created in collaboration with Project Dragonfly at Miami University, which founded Dragonfly magazine, the first national magazine to feature children's investigations and discoveries. DragonflyTV pioneered a "real kids, real science" approach to children's science television and led to the development of the award winning SciGirls television series. Reruns of DragonflyTV air in off-network syndication to allow commercial stations to meet federal E/I mandates.


  • Eric Artell
  • Michael Brandon
  • Mariko Nakasone