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Del is one of the current hosts of PBS Kids, alongside his older sister Dot,[1] and his twin sister Dee. He is 6 years old.


He has green-colored skin, black hair that is styled similarly to his brother's, and blue eyes. He wears a white sweater, a fake raccoon tail, blue jeans, and black shoes. In his original design, Del wears a red-and-blue beanie and a red T-shirt. He is 4 feet tall.


Del is a multi-talented practical thinker. He is very smart and interested in science. Del enjoys building machines and robots and experimenting with all types of chemicals. He is also kind and polite, and often gets involved in Dee's mischievous antics. He can also do yo-yo tricks.


  • Del looks similar to his brother Dash, even though he left the block in Fall 2013 (likely due to the fact that he is too old to be a mascot).
  • Since he wears a raccoon tail, some PBS Kids fans have been questioning if Nintendo (video game company) will find out, even though the tail is meant to be a attached part on his back, and not a Super Mario Bros. costume reference.


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Voiced By

Lauren Tom (2013-2014)

Steven Vilsaker (2014-present)