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Dee is one of the current mascots of PBS Kids, alongside her twin Del, and older sister Dot. She is 6-7 years old in 2013-present.


She wears a yellow cape, and a white helmet with a blue stripe in the center. It includes a black visor, which makes her eyes appear as two white dots and covers up her nose. She is rarely seen without her eyes covered.

When her visor is up, it can be seen that she has the same eye color as her twin brother Del, and black hair that is similar to her older sister Dot's, except she has a short fringe in the center of her forehead.


Dee is the adventurous twin sister to Del. enjoys doing stunts on her skateboard or doing something dangerous or mischievous, which is why she wears a helmet. She sometimes forgets her manners, but other times she is kind and cool.


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Voiced by

  • Aja Wooldridge (2013)
  • Tia Mowry (2014-2017)
  • Grey Griffin (2017-present)