Cast Away is the 96th episode of Arthur that is from Season 7 from 2002.

In this episode, Arthur is excited to go on a father-son fly fishing trip at Whale Lake. This means D.W. will not be there, but plans change and the whole family goes together. On the way home, Arthur is annoyed when he does not catch any fish and D.W. does, but feels much better when he is the first to spot the legendary whale of Whale Lake.


  • William Wilson as Arthur
  • Kyle Catrall as D.W.
  • Jon Hamm as Dad
  • Ashley Tisdale as Kate
  • Emma Blaustein as Mom
  • Adewale Akinnuoye - Agbaje as the Legendary Whale of Whale Lake
  • Geraldine Hill as Nadine
  • Natalie Portman as Miss Hannigan, Nadine's mentor, and as Sue Ellen

Note: This is the last episode of "Arthur" where Geraldine Hill voices Nadine. She was set to continue her role as the character (who is DW's imaginary friend) for the remainder of the series, but she died in December 2002. So for the rest of the series, Chloe Isabel Hunt voices Nadine.