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Bob The Builder is A British Preschool Kids TV program created by Keith Chapman In 1998. And a U.S.A Dub of it was created in 2000. In late 2005, After Nick Jr. Dropped The Show, PBS Kids Acquired the rights to it, and started airing it in that year, and kept airing it until Around late 2015/early 2016, the show got revamped, and the 2015 series was announced to air on the channel in that year. Later in Around Late 2018, Mattel Revoked PBS Kids' License for the show, and it officially was Dropped from The Network, replaced it with Let's Go Luna!, and it move to both Qubo and Universal Kids for reruns while the franchise is on hiatus.

The franchise is yet to return for another Bob the Builder series (which will be a revival of the Bob the Builder franchise), but Cartoon Network US will be broadcasting the upcoming new Bob the Builder series through its upcoming Cartoonito preschool programming block while Netflix US will be streaming it.


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